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Internet Control Management


With heating costs significantly increasing over the past few years, technological advances have allowed us to give building owners and managers greater control over their heating systems. Champion Combustion has worked closely with Heat-Timer Corporation installing the latest in Internet Control Management Systems in buildings all across New York City. These controls allow you to access your heating panel remotely via the internet, giving you the ability to view the status of the equipment and make any necessary changes you wish.
The single most advantageous feature that these controls offer is the ability to install wireless room temperature sensors in apartments throughout the building. Oftentimes, the complaint of insufficient heat by one or two residents results in “turning up” the control settings to satisfy the complaint. These adjustments are usually made with no factual information that the apartment is in fact under-heated. These sensors will allow you to view temperature readings at any time and will automatically control boiler cycles based on the feedback of these sensors, resulting in increased overall comfort levels and decreased fuel consumption- at times up to 15%.
In addition, these controls have the capability to notify the building manager or superintendent of a burner shutdown condition via email or text message. This immediate notification will allow you to address the problem prior to the loss of heat or hot water being realized. With the installation of these new controls, you will also have the ability to monitor many other aspects of the heating system which can also be viewed over the internet including domestic hot water temperature, stack temperature, oil level, and water meter reading.