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Fuel Conversions

With new legislation put in place by New York City, all buildings will be forced to convert their operating fuel from heavy oil to light fuel oils and/or natural gas by 2014. For the last three years, Champion Combustion has been on the forefront of this transition, assisting their already loyal customers along with entering new buildings to provide the services necessary to comply with these new regulations. These conversions performed by Champion Combustion, along with the installation more advanced, precise heating controls have resulted in significantly lower heating costs and the lower emissions created by burning these fuels have resulted in a cleaner and greener New York City!

Champion Combustion also provides you with a complete, high quality conversion from #6 oil to either #2 or #4 oil as New York City Department of Environmental Protection Certificates to Operate will no longer be renewed if the building is still utilizing #6 oil as their operating fuel. Our conversons consist of the following:

  • Dismantling and removing the primary oil preheater
  • Removal of remaining oil from oil tank
  • Pressure testing of the oil tank when necessary
  • Thorough cleaning of oil tank to prepare it for the delivery of the new fuel type
  • Reconfiguration of the oil piping according to manufacturers specifications for the equipment
  • Installation of anti-syphon valve and shutoff valve on oil suction lines
  • Installing proper filters on the oil lines
  • Firing and adjusting the equipment on the new oil to maximize efficiency
  • All necessary filings and sign-offs with New York City governing bodies